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Polish students’ memories of the stay in Italy

“C4 visit in Italy is something I’ll remember for the whole life – the views of Tuscany, paintings and sculptures in the Uffizi Gallery, Santa Croce Square and many others are only snippets of what made this visit special. Tuscany is full of mountains and quint cities and towns like San Gimignano, Florence, Siena. The activities done in the school were creative – one of them was writing a script and making a short film on the subject of sexting and sextortion. During the activities I learnt many things on both of the topics. The family I lived with hosted me very warmly, and by the end of the visit I felt like I was a real member of the family – we spent time together, and even when we weren’t speaking all the time, there wasn’t any awkward silence.  Even though the host parents didn’t speak English perfectly, they did their utmost best to talk with me.” Zofia

“I have very positive experiences from my participation in the Erasmus+ project and my stay in Italy. For a week we had an opportunity to visit the most interesting attractions in Tuscany and to learn about the culture of this place. I liked very much the workshops about Internet safety, they were very interesting and fascinating. During the project I was using English all the time, which can be very helpful for people with language barriers. Apart from sightseeing and gaining knowledge we had time to integrate together. I met many interesting people with whom I will keep in touch for a long time. The host family welcomed me very warmly, which made me feel very good during the whole stay. To sum up, the participation in the Erasmus+ project was very successful, and I would recommend it to everyone.” Szymon

“I can rate the trip to Italy with the Erasmus+ project very well. We had the opportunity to deepen our knowledge of sexting and sextortion, which is very important for young people today. I have greatly expanded my skills in terms of the content that I send online and the consequences that I may see in the future. Pontassieve is an exceptionally beautiful town surrounded by greenery and is well modernised. In Florence, Siena and San Gimignano I was able to visit many monuments and historical buildings. My favorite place to visit was the Ponte Vecchio, a bridge on which there are many shops. In addition, my language skills have improved considerably. I am no longer afraid to go to a café and buy coffee or talk to other people about different topics. My dream is to return to this extraordinary and picturesque place.” Milena

“I consider Erasmus+ visit in Italy a success and I am very positive about this week. We had the opportunity to visit many different places, including Florence and Siena. All excursions were very well organized. I met wonderful people with whom I still have contact. We spent every night together. I also broke my language barrier and we spoke English all week, which probably raised the level of my skills. The workshops we had were on sexting and sextortion. I learnt a lot and they were very well organized. I stayed with a great host family. We talked and laughed every day.” Kinga

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