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Human Bingo Activity

Human Bingo

This activity was created and lead by our students as an Icebreaker activity during the first day of the meeting. The rules are simple – people walk around the room and mingle until they find people that match the facts listed on a bingo-style sheet. Our students did it in DC style with questions about digital awarness, digital skills and online world. You can ask just one question to one person and then you have to walk away. You can just mark the sentence or better write a name down – so the participants are going naturally learn names of people in the group. Once a person successfully obtains a full row (5 in a row), whether horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, he or she shouts “BINGO!” and wins. We waited for first 5 people with BINGO! You may created also online version of Human Bingo here

Qestions prepared by students according to meeting/project theme.

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