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C3 Description

Cyberbullying, Digital Footprint and ECommerce

In C4 in Iceland we are focusing on the issues of Cyberbullying, Digital Footprint and Ecommerce. To tackle these issues we will have three workshops.

Workshop 1. Digital Footprint

Hallur Jónsson will lead a Workshop on Digital Footprint. It will start with presentation on the subject and will then include a discussion about the topic amongst the students, them googling themselves and finally students in smaller groups create a short video where they both explain the concept and then the importance of taking good care of their Digital Footprint.

Workshop 2. Cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying: A serious and growing problem that has manifested itself with the advent of social media is online bullying. According to surveys, teens and young adults say that cyberbullying is a serious problem for people their age but that they don’t think they will be the ones targeted for digital abuse. What can be done about it and how can we increase awareness of the problem? Activity: Þóra Jónsdóttir is a lawyer who works for the Childrens‘ Fund of Iceland and an expert on the issue of cyberbullying. She will assist us to hold a workshop on the issue. The workshop will start with a general discussion about the issue. After that the students will be split into international groups and every group will create plans to tackle the issue. They will create an action plan, they will map the feeling and behaviour of those exposed to cyberbullying and they will make an action plan of advice for the victims of cyberbullying of what to do and what not to do if they have been cyberbullied. Finally every group will present their work to the entire audience and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each plan.

Workshop 3. Ecommerce

During this workshop students from all participating country will hold a presentation about the extent of Ecommerce in their countries and explain why it is important to be careful when buying or selling online. They will be encouraged to consider such questions as:

·       If the Product is Free are then maybe Product?

·       The Impact of Social Media in Everyday Life?

·       What is digital commerce?

·       Are we aware of the indirect messages coming our way on social media?

After that Ármann Halldórsson will lead a group discussion about the topic.

In addition to the workshops, students will use Fablab to create T-shirts related to the topics. The mobilitiy in Iceland will also include a tour of the Golden Circle and the Blue Lagoon.

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