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Polish students’ memories of the stay in Iceland

“The Erasmus+ project and my stay in Iceland allowed me to develop my English language skills, get to know new cultures and, above all, meet great people! The subject of the project, and especially of this visit, was close to all young people’s interests. We talked about e-commerce, cyberbullying and digital footprint. The workshops were conducted in a very interesting way. Apart from the usual presentations, we recorded a movie, made T-shirts and posters. Of course, we had the possibility to work in international groups, where we had the opportunity to use the English language. The project allowed us to see what a school in Iceland looks like. Students have a lot of freedom, thanks to which they organized concerts or charity events in the corridor during our stay. (…) We also visited the iconic and charming places of the island.  Summing up, the participation in the Erasmus + project was a great adventure which allowed me to meet wonderful people from different countries!” Julia S.

“The visit to Iceland exceeded my expectations. Everything was well-organized and we all had a chance to integrate very much during this week. As for the place to stay, I got the chance to stay with a wonderful family and I felt great at home. The atmosphere was very pleasant and I spent this week in a very nice company. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to speak English all the time, which certainly increased my skills. Thanks to the thematic classes at school, my knowledge of online safety has improved significantly. I learned a lot of new words, not only in English but also in Icelandic. All the trips and school activities were very well-prepared, and we were never bored! We visited many interesting places and met many new, wonderful people. The trip to Iceland deepened our acquaintances with people we met in Poland and started new ones” Julia T.

“I consider my stay in Reykjavik very pleasant. It was an unforgettable week full of unique experiences. I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people from Iceland, Greece, Italy and Slovakia. During those few days we managed to make friendships and talk about various topics. No doubt we will keep in touch for a long time. My host family showed hospitality and commitment. They enabled me to learn about Icelanders’ culture and cuisine, among other things. I have very fond memories of the interactions and the time I spent in their house. Both there and at school, the atmosphere was friendly and safe. The diverse school activities developed my knowledge and awareness in the matter of Internet safety. The workshops and lectures helped to acquire teamwork, creativity and problem-solving skills. I also noticed improvement in my English abilities. Conversations in English became more fluent, and my confidence in using the language grew. I feel that communicating in English is now more casual and less overwhelming for me. The trips included both educational and recreational aspects. I will pleasantly recall the trip to Iceland for a very long time. It exceeded my expectations.” Julia A.

“I rate the trip to Reykjavik and the Erasmus + project very positively. I saw many beautiful places, including Gullfoss waterfall. I really liked the pools at the Blue lagoon. However, the project is not only sightseeing, but also doing tasks that are the goal of the project. The purpose of the meeting in Iceland was to discuss cyberbullying and e-commerce. I gained a lot from the workshops on Internet security and I am very positively surprised how they were conducted. During my stay in Iceland, I also had the opportunity to work on my language skills and break the language barrier. Taking part in the Erasmus project was a very good decision and I recommend everyone take part in this project.” Ewelina K.

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