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Polish students’ memories of the meeting in Sweden

“I can consider my stay in Sweden as one of the best trips so far. At the workshops we were introduced to topics about mental health and norms in society regarding orientation and genders which showed how stereotypes affect people. We had organised photoshoping classes, we also recorded talk show which summarized all the topics of this year’s project. However, the best part of our trip was meeting lots of wonderful people and hosting by families which welcomed us the best as they could. It was also nice to see people from Erasmus+ who despite not hosting anybody tried to make us remember the trip for as long as we can. We spent our free time at bonfires, concerts, houses and aqua park. We also had a chance to try snowmobiles and other ice activities. The weather didn’t shock us at all because almost every day was a sunny one. I hope that due to our opinions we will encourage people who are still hesitating about taking part in a new project. In my opinion it is the best chance to get to know new culture, people from other countries and to change your environment at least for a week.” GABRYSIA

“My visit to Sweden was a fantastic experience for me. I saw the Northern Lights, went skiing, went swimming in a lake, rode snowmobiles, and tried their local food. I also attended workshops on mental health and social norms, from which I learned a lot. I also noticed differences between Poland and Sweden, where people don’t turn off the lights at night, to prevent break-ins and thefts, as having lights on makes it seem like someone is home. Throughout the week, I spoke English, which has greatly improved my speaking skills. My trip to Sweden was the best journey of my life, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys meeting new people, exploring cultures, and seeing the world.” OLIWIA

“My visit to Sweden made a very positive impression on me. I met many wonderful people from Sweden, Greece, Italy, Slovakia and Iceland. I made new relationships that will hopefully last for many years. I visited a nice host family. Thanks to the opportunity to participate directly in the life of the local people, I had the chance to learn more about their culture and taste a variety of dishes. The theme of the project is Internet safety. We took part in related workshops which concerned our mental health, hate speech and gender norms. We learned that the content we see on the internet is not always truthful and we should not believe it. During the class we also learned how to record a talk show which was an interesting experience. The exchange helped me to break the language barrier and improved my fluency of speech. Thanks to many activities we were able to integrate with our peers. For example, while snowmobiling or skiing down the slope on mats. In the evenings, we had a good time talking and singing by the bonfires and watching concerts prepared by the school’s students. The atmosphere there will stay in my memory for a very long time. Personally, I would highly recommend taking part in such project. Not only does it give you the opportunity to travel and get to know the culture of other countries, but also gives you the chance to make friends for many years. If I had to explain what Erasmus+ is, I would say that these are unforgettable moments and memories that will stay with us forever.” MARTA

“Visit in Sweden was an unforgettable experience for me. I met amazing people from different countries and spent time with them in fun atmosphere. Host family was really kind and open to me. We learnt a lot about filming and editing photos while recording the talk shows and making photo shoots. We got the chance to listen to lectures concerning mental health, gender norms and hate speech. We managed to see northern lights during riding snowmobiles on a frozen lake. We spent time getting to know each other, talking by bonfires. We went to aqua park and tried every slide there. We also participated in a concert prepared by Swedish students. I really enjoyed having fika at least once a day. I am immensely grateful for having the ability to take part in this project. I believe it was an incredible adventure that taught me a lot.” OLIWIA

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