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Polish students’ memories from Slovakia

“The visit to Slovakia brought me closer to the culture of our southern neighbours. The differences are not significantly large, but still noticeable due to the close location. It was possible to notice them thanks to the possibility of direct participation in everyday life of Slovak inhabitants. It is worth considering that Slovaks are hospitable and willing to help others.  During my stay, I had several opportunities to see the kindness and generosity not only of the youngest generations. Slovak cuisine is like Polish, although there are a few exceptions. Due to the proximity of the mountains, cheeses and various products containing the “cheese element” are in the lead.  English was needed to communicate in everyday life activities as well as in a more official way during the workshops. The fluency of my speech significantly increased thanks to this exchange. It helped me to break down some language barriers, which was a great step to becoming more confident about using English. In addition, by participating in the workshop we could learn new vocabulary in the field of Internet security. The workshops helped me to increase my knowledge related to online safety, hate speech, radicalization, or disinformation, which is very easy to succumb to nowadays. The topics which were taken into consideration during the workshops were important and necessary to make the young generation aware of such problems. Since nowadays we spend part of our lives in the virtual world, where, as we know, it is easy to be put in danger. All things considered, I highly recommend participating in the project, because it is a wonderful opportunity to meet creative and open-minded people, a different culture, improve language skills, and get educated in many important topics of today’s world.” AGATA

“Thanks to taking part in the Erasmus+ project, I met a lot of great friends with whom we improved our language skills together. I also had the opportunity to take part in workshops on Internet security, which made me an “expert” in this topic. During this visit I also got to know the culture and life of the local people. I consider the trip to Slovakia to be one of the best trips in my life. Thank you, the Slovak team, again for your hospitality.” FILIP

“The Erasmus+ project trip to Slovakia was a wonderful experience for me. I met a lot of valuable people from Greece, Iceland, Slovakia, Sweden and Italy. I made new friendships that I hope will last for years to come. Thanks to the workshops and classes we attended, I learned a lot about how to be safer on the Internet, improved my fast-writing skills and learnt how to record and edit vlogs. I also learnt what hate speech, disinformation and radicalization are and how to protect myself from them. This 5-day stay in Slovakia also brought me closer to their culture, cuisine and language, which turned out to be very similar to ours – Polish. But most of all, this trip allowed me to break my language barrier. Now, I feel much more confident in communicating in English with others and I can see the differences in my expressions, which are now at a much higher level. I am very happy that I took part in this project, and I recommend it to anyone who likes to meet new people, cultures and wants to improve their English.” JULIA

“I learned a lot during the Erasmus+ project.  I got to know the Slovak culture and the daily routine of the people who live there.  Since Slovakia is close to Poland, many connections were visible. The language and food were very similar to what we have in Poland. During the workshop, I learned useful things related to internet security and the threats to which we are exposed using various social networks. I learned that people can easily lose their data and access to their accounts on the internet. When talking about the issues during the classes, we used the English language. I feel a lot more confident and more fluent now in communicating in English.  Being in a foreign place, we are forced to communicate in a foreign language, which has a positive effect on the knowledge of the foreign language.  I am very pleased with the trip. I recommend it to anyone who is considering taking part in the project.  Amazing impressions and memories guaranteed.” SZYMON

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