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Italian students’ trip to Iceland


1. We were at Bologna airport during the night because we were supposed to have our flight at 6.00 in the morning.

2. Our flight was cancelled because of bad weather in Amsterdam. So we went to the hotel of the airport and slept until 11.00 in the morning.

3. We had to redo the test for Covid-19; in the afternoon, we visited the center of Bologna, then we returned to the hotel.

4. We had dinner; after dinner we went to bed because we had the flight the next morning.

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1. We landed at Reykjavik International Airport in the afternoon

2. Maria took the teachers to the hotel and took us home

3. We went to a Pizza Party

4. We went out to get an ice cream at 10 p.m.

5. We took a car ride around the neighborhood

6. We went to sleep

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-MONDAY 21st FEBRUARY 2022- 

  1. We went to The Commercial College of Iceland by car
  2. We did some ice-breaking activities; we had to find other students that were born in our own month.
  3. The Icelandic teachers divided us into three groups; we listened to a teacher , Hallur, talking about online footprint, then we discussed this topic.
  4. We had lunch with the group, and we ate grænmetisbuff
  5. The charity comittee was selling paistries to raise money for Hringurinn
  6. We went to the fablab and made some t-shirts
  7. All the groups gave a presentation about their country; after that we had a break with some food
  8. We went home because the weather was getting worse. We played monopoly (Giulia lost), we had licorice, chatted and conversed.
  9. We had dinner with the family and ate pita
  10. We just relaxed
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  1. We went to school
  2. We listened to a teacher who talked about cyberbullying; we did a workshop on how to prevent cyberbullying
  3. We ate with spicy chicken for lunch
  4. We listened to Giorgos, a Greek teacher talking about the questionnaire that the students did before and after the mobility in Poland; then we did workshops analyzing the information communicated by him 
  5. We went to Reykjavyk for a tour, we visited the theatre and the protestant church
  6. We went to Shake&Pizza, we played bowling (they tried to get us  to eat pineapple pizza)
  7. We went home, then we went out for ice-cream


  1. We went to school with Maria’s dad
  2. We took the bus to go on the “Golden Circle Tour”
  3. We saw horses and geysers 
  4. We stopped to see the falls 
  5. We took the bus and went to see the geyser 
  6. We went to the “tomato soup restaurant”, a greenhouse, for lunch
  7. We took the bus again, stopped for a walk, saw the frozen waterfalls and the wonderful snowy landscape
  8. We took the bus and we went back to school
  9. Maria took us to the Mall then her mum took us home
  10. We ate fish for dinner
  11. We went to an outdoor pool, the water was really hot but it was so cold outside!
  12. We went for ice cream
  13. We returned home and went to sleep


  1. Maria took us to school, we had a lesson on e-commerce where we showed our presentation to the other countries
  2. We had lunch at school
  3. In the afternoon we went to the “Blue Lagoon” which is a geothermal spa where we spent the whole afternoon
  4. While we were at the Blue Lagoon we had face mask and we took a drink, the water was hot and there was a lot of steam coming out of the water
  5. Then we went back home; we had dinner with Maria’s parents  because Maria was working
  6. After dinner, we went back to school where we stayed until 11.00 pm.
  7. We went home and we went to sleep



  1. We went to school for the last time ☹
  2. We had to explain the t-shirt that we created on the first day
  3. After that we went to Ikea for lunch
  4. In the afternoon we went ice-skating
  5. After that we went home where we started packing
  6. We had dinner all together at school and we saw the rehersal of the musical Mamma Mia 2
  7. When we got home we said goodbye to Maria’s family and went to sleep


We left home early in the morning and went to the airport

We took our first flight which took us to Amsterdam

We had lunch in Amsterdam, in the afternoon we visited the city

We went back to the airport, we took our second flight to Bologna. On the plane we were seated near the emergency exit

We arrived in Bologna and waited for the bus to Florence

Finally we arrived in Florence at 2.00 in the morning and went home. 

It was a fantastic experience!

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