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Journal of our trip to Poland (by Swedish team)

Arrival day

It was a long trip with many changes between aircraft and trains. It was all worth it when we finally arrived, however empty-handed (bags stuck for two more days), but in Poland. Nervous as well as curious about what was waiting.

Day 1

An amazing first day! Good presentations, yummy new snacks, attractions in town and most of all a wonderful time, sharing dances with new friends.

Day 2

A lot of nice shopping in Warsaw at “Złote Tarasy” – cheaper than in Sweden. Afterwards we headed to the university to listen to a lecture about fake news and miss-information online. 

Day 3

The Warsaw Uprising museum brought out many sad feelings but it was also interesting to see how the people lived during the Second World War.

A visit to the new “oldtown” followed the museum – the Oldtown of Warsaw is the youngest oldtown in Europe since most of it was destroyed in WW2. Here we used digital tools to navigate before heading off to Copernicus Science Centre. We also got to taste traditional Polish dumplings!

Day 4

The morning was spent at school where we learnt about Ransomware and the dangers of paying the ransom. Another lecture was about online gaming, Smartphones and internet addiction – interesting to learn how addicted a phone can be, even though we don’t think we’re addicted to it that much 😊 The evening was spent at Spin City where we bowled and played other games

Day 5

Friday was departure day for many of the countries, so activities was kept to the first part of the day and then after lunch we had time to do some last-minute shopping.

Departure day

To sum up the trip – it’s been a lot of fun meeting people from other countries, talking and exchanging stories about how the things that we do in our countries, food that we eat and things we like to do in our free time. We have also eaten a lot of apples since Poland is one of the biggest apple-growers in Europe. The last thing to do is to go to the airport and fly home and hope that our bags will make it home with us.

After 3 flights we are finally in Luleå and just waiting for the taxi that will take us home to Piteå. It’s been a busy week with a lot of fun experiences. See you on the next trip!

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