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Italian Team and their mobility to Grojec (Poland)

From 14th to 19th November 2021

We are four students of Ernesto Balducci High School, our names are Elisa, Teresa, Pietro and Yuri.

In November 2021 we participated in the first mobility of the Erasmus+ Project called “Digital Competence and eSafety” in Grojec, Poland. We met students from Poland, Iceland, Sweden, Slovakia and Greece to discuss some of the main themes of the project: Internet addiction and security. We also had the opportunity to improve our communication skills in English and learn about new cultures.


The organisation of Polish schools is very different from ours; the biggest difference is that Polish students change classroom every hour because each subject has its own classroom while in Italy we have the same classroom for all our subjects. 

In Poland students don’t spend the same amount of hours at school every day, they have different lessons during the week and when they have more lessons, they can have lunch at the school canteen or in the school cafeteria.

Each lesson lasts 45 minutes while in Italy one class usually lasts one hour. Students can choose different subjects in addition to the compulsory ones, for example Polish, English, History, Maths and Science. 


During this mobility we talked about Internet addiction and all the problems it could create. We worked in groups with students from five European countries and attended some lectures.

Thanks to these activities we can talk about Internet addiction and understand more easily when someone is addicted to the Internet. We also talked about general issues regarding the use of the Internet with some experts from the Warsaw University of Technology.

We used working in groups with the other students involved in the Erasmus project; we made presentations on the different types of Internet addiction, on the excessive use of smartphones, on the educational value of smartphones, on web navigation, on security threats.

Now we can say we can create a good presentation using Weebly.

We are certainly more aware of the downsides of the Internet, such as how our personal data can be spied on by hackers or ordinary people if we don’t use and manage it appropriately.


The Erasmus project gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with people from other countries and to learn about their cultures.

It is an experience that we recommend to everyone because you can learn a lot about the traditions of a new country, how people live, what they eat, what teenagers like and do.

We were hosted by very kind families that were very helpful with us. They spent the whole week taking care of us, as they do with their children.

They committed to preparing their traditional dishes for us and showed us their traditions and their farming history.

We loved the homemade “pierogi” and fried pork with boiled potatoes. In Poland, people also eat many types of soups.  

We liked this experience because now we can speak English more fluently. Another positive aspect is that we visited a new city, Warsaw, and new places. We noticed that in Poland the towns are more distant from each other than in Italy, but they are bigger and cleaner.

The trip to Poland was a wonderful experience from a cultural, historical, educational and social point of view. If you are curious, eager to get in touch with new cultures and to communicate in English, Erasmus projects are the right choice! 

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