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Erasmus – an appreciated project

The last part of the Erasmus+ project DCeS, Digital Competence and eSafety got off the ground at Strömbackaskolan, Piteå. During 3 years, we at Aesthetics and Media at Strömbackaskolan, Piteå have participated in the EU-funded project with students from Poland, Iceland, Italy, Greece and Slovakia.

Now it was our turn to host. The visits have consisted of lectures and activities where the purpose has been to strengthen our knowledge regarding internet security and digital skills. Every country has had its own theme within the area, for example, GDPR, grooming and fake news. For us, it was about the influence of social media, internet ethics and image manipulation.

From Winter survival training to Talk show
After picking up the students from Luleå Airport on a snow-covered night, we had a fun-filled week full of exciting and fun activities. Everything from swimming in an ice bath and skiing skis to going on a guided tour of Acusticum, School of Music, Luleå University of Technology. The week started with a presentation of Strömbacka School’s premises, where we talked about the various available programs and how upper secondary school works in Sweden. We also had the opportunity to show the students from other countries what we at Aesthetics and Media usually work with by working together to record a talk show in our TV studio, where the countries’ different themes were discussed. In addition, they also got the opportunity to take portraits in the photo studio. Then they edited the photos, where the aim was for us to gain a greater understanding and an insight into how easily images on the internet can be manipulated.

A jam-packed program
The ice rink was also appreciated by students from other countries, where they got to test using ice kick bikes and go cross-country skating. Between activities, we attended lectures that focused on gender stereotyping, typical images on the internet, the mental state of youth and social media influence. We were also invited to participate in a workshop by RISE, where we got to learn about their work and give feedback on application features, they had created. Beyond a fascinating but busy schedule at school, fun activities also happened after school when we hung out and had opportunities to get to know each other better.

Nice memories and experiences
Hannes Fabricius, who is in his third year at Aesthetics and Media, appreciated the project. – “It was exciting to learn about new cultures”, he says. He was one of those who opened up his home for a visiting student, which he thought was exciting and pleasant and something he did not regret afterward. Finally, Hannes tells us that he has learned quite a lot and believes the school should participate in similar projects in the future. The week was rounded off by tying the project together by watching our talk shows together, listening to speeches from teachers and finally saying a final goodbye to our new friends who, during Saturday and Sunday, again went to Luleå Airport early in the morning to fly home. They had many fond memories with them and experiences – even having seen the northern lights, which were high on the wish list of students and teachers.

Digital Competence and e-Safety by Erasmus+

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