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C3: The Italian team goes to Iceland 19th – 26th February 2022

Four students (Maria Chiara Cortini, Giulia Castellana, Bernardo Dini and Klejdis Vokrri) together with two teachers, Silvio Junior Balta and Annalisa Raggi,  participated in a sparkling experience in Iceland from February 19th to 26th.

The experience was organized by the ERASMUS+ DCeS project, which allowed teachers and students from six different countries (Poland, Iceland, Sweden, Italy, Greece and Slovakia) to enrich their knowledge both by deepening the study of  important issues and through the experience of  the wonders of the Icelandic territory.

The first day, after receiving the traumatic news of the cancellation of the flight, took on a positive nuance, embellishing the trip with a visit to the city of Bologna.

Once the boys landed in what was initially defined as an ice desert, they were immediately warmly welcomed by the host boys and girls through a pizza party.

In the following days the members of the various countries were hosted in the immense school “Verzlunascóli Islands” ‘in Reykjavik, where topics such as “fingerprint”, “e-commerce” and “cyberbullying” were addressed. The issues discussed are very relevant as they still affect the entire world population; for this reason it is necessary to implement awareness.

Throughout their stay the eyes of the boys and girls were illuminated by the enchanting vision of wonderful landscapes, such as frozen waterfalls and geysers.

On Wednesday, by bus, they plunged into the heart of Iceland to participate in the “Golden Circle Tour”; the vivid images are still etched in the minds of the participants.

The days, in addition to the various visits and lessons with the entire Erasmus group, usually ended with a dip in the hot outdoor thermal pools and a pleasant taste of the typical Icelandic ice cream.

Probably one of the most exciting days was Thursday, when the relaxing water of the natural spas of the Blue Lagoon embraced the bodies of the boys and girls; in the rush of emotion many have even smeared a whitish mud mask on their faces.

All the days were immersed in a welcoming and positive atmosphere that overcame cultural diversity; there was also the constant use of the English language, essential for communication between the various members. Furthermore, once close international friendships were established, there was also the opportunity to learn some expressions of the vocabulary of the various countries; through this initiative several young people  had a further approach to cultures different from their own.

On the last day the Italian team reluctantly left Iceland but had the opportunity to admire the beautiful city of Amsterdam. All the members of the group returned to Florence with new awareness and wonders imprinted in their eyes and hearts. 

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