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Icelandic Team visits Italy. A diary

Dces meeting in Iceland 20. – 26. February 2022 

To visit Iceland in February can be a risky business and we learned it the hard way this week. The weather was awful and our guests got an example of all kinds of weather.  

Our guests arrived on Saturday and the Greek team got stuck in a bus for many hours and Halldóra´s parents became our rescue team to transport the teams to Reykjavík. We welcomed our guests but then some of us got covid so we had to make some changes ASAP but we worked things out.  

Monday: Our program started by a welcoming speech from our Headmaster GunnInga and some Icebreaking activities in our Red room. We took our guests sightseeing through the school before we started our work.  The students had brought images that we transformed into pictures on T-shirts in our Fablab. In the evening most of us went to the shopping mall Smáralind and tried to forget about the weather.  

Tuesday: On Tuesday we had a workshop on cyberbullying and Giorgos had a presentation on the surveys. After lunch we took our guests downtown Reykjavík and showed them how to act as tourists in Iceland. The weather was terrible and we ended up having some ´Tasty fox’ and had a drive instead. We went bowling and had a Pizza party.  Went to sleep and crossed our fingers that the weather would be better tomorrow.  

Wednesday: Like a miracle the sun was shining but the temperature was -10 C. We had to lend some warm clothes to the students before we hit the road to the Golden Circle. It was a cold trip but Gullfoss, Geysir and Þingvellir were very nice to see. It was very nice to get into the warm greenhouse Friðheimar and have some tomato soup in the surrounding of tomato plants and bees.  We ended the day with a typical Icelandic ´Ísbíltúr’ and had another Tasty fox.  

Thursday: We started the day with an e-Commerce workshop and had an organized discussion on this issue where we brought presentations and engaged in a dialogue on the issues. After lunch the sun began to shine and we went on the bus to the Blue Lagoon 😀 and had a great afternoon. Last dinner at home with our guests.  

Friday: The day for presentations – the countries showed T-shirts that we had made in the Fablab and we had a fashion show and showed off our work on our e-commerce transnational topics. We then had the afternoon off and of course we went to the swimming pool and experienced sitting in the hot tub with snow in our hair.  At 18:00 it was time for our farewell party and the certificates. We got the opportunity to see a glimpse of the musical Mamma Mia and finished the night with a group dance on the Marmari.  

Saturday: Time to say not goodbye but see you soon <3 

Thank you all for a wonderful week.  

Icelandic team over and out.  

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