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Fake news in Slovakia! (Icelandic students’ diary from our visit)

Fake news in Slovakia!  

On November the 20 we woke up in the middle of the night to start our journey to Slovakia we got on the plane and flew to Helsinki but when we landed there we found out that the plane to Vienna had been canceled and we had to spend the night in Finland. It turned out quite nice and we got the opportunity to try an authentic Finnish sauna.  Next morning we flew to Vienna and were picked up by our driver that took us to Žilina to meet up with the group and start our amazing week. We met our hosts and had a walk through the town to explore. The evening we spent  with the other students in an lazer tag game between the countries.  

Tuesday: We woke up early to be in school at 8:30 to present our schools and to get to know each other. After the break we had a workshop about Euoropass that we found quite interesting. After lunch we had a seminar and workshop about History background of believing in fake news, hate speech and online extremism /radicalization. It was quite amazing to talk about this things coming from different countries and with different backgrounds. We often think alike, yet in different ways about the same things. The evening we spent getting to know each other and visiting the beautiful Christmas Market in Zilina.  

Wednesday: At 8:00 the bus was waiting for us to take us to the mountain on a trip between the real and virtual digital world -  HIGH TATRAS – DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES IN REAL WORLD. We had an amazing day in the beautiful landscape of High Tatras, visited  Tatry Vnútri a virtual gallery, went for a hike that was followed by dinner in a restaurant in the woods. We were tired after a long day and slept on the bus on our way back to Zilina.  

Thursday: Visit to the University of Zilina for a workshop about Critical thinking and fake news. We all agreed that this was very informative and interesting. We got some time to work on our vlogs that we had been preparing about fake news in our countries. After the second break we had a fast typing workshop. In the evening we went to the Christmas Market and spent some time with our hosts and their friends.  

Friday: Time flies when you are having fun! Time for ‘graduation’ and a farewell party. But first we showed our vlogs to the group and discussed the topics we had chosen and the difference between the media and how news are told in the countries. In the evening we had a party in the school, without the teachers ;-) and we had a great time.  

Saturday: Once again we had to get up in the middle of the night and after a tearful goodbye time we went on the bus to Vienna to catch a plane to Zurich and from there to Iceland.  

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