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Erasmus+ Meeting in Kos, Greece (from Slovak team) ✈

In front of the school

Moving from autumn rainy reality in the homeland to a sunny Greek island? I’m going right away! 

I thought the very moment that our school coordinator of Erasmus+ programme Zuzka Bebčáková asked me for co-operation. 

Before the departure there were a few challenges we had to cope with – to learn to programme and work with Microbit, to manage the whole preparation and to get the presentation about our school and country ready. 

On Sunday afternoon we set off from Vienna airport, and using a comfortable, direct flight we arrived in Kos island. The sun was going down, the temperature was about 26 degrees. The Greek hosts were already waiting for us at the airport. 

The programme of the meeting was balanced well. Workshops at school were followed by trips around the island. We visited Casa Romana, a palace from the Roman times, Asklipieion – an ancient hospital established by the founder of modern medicine Hippocrates. The visit to Nisyros, a small volcanic island, where we took 1,000 photos of little white houses with blue roofs, and also had a visual and olfactory experience in the crater of the volcano, was a huge success. 

Slovak team – Nisyros Island

Both teachers and students attended a set of lectures on GDPR, phishing and cyber-bullying, which were interesting and interactive. At the same time we had a chance to participate in sports and games during Sports Day organised by the Greek school (we especially enjoyed traditional dancing lessons:) ). One day was reserved for Microbit device programming, which is a way for students to easily learn to programme simple tasks and the advanced ones to use JavaScript. 


On the last weekday the hosts invited us to the beach to Mastichari village and to a festive seven-course lunch in the beautiful little mountain village Zia. 

We thank the whole Greek team for the wonderful time, and our hosts for their hospitality and gifts. So, just one more thing to add: See you in Slovakia in November! 

Mgr. Monika Gdovcová & Mgr. Martin Huňora 

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