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Erasmus+ C4 project meeting in Italy (by Slovak team)

 From 19 February to 26 February 2022, two teachers of our grammar school (Andrea Bednárová, Marek Zadňan) and four students (Klaudia Pauková I.A, Viktória Srbová I.A, Patrícia Králová II.A Jakub Kurjak II.A) took part in another Erasmus + exchange programme, this time in Pontessieve, which is located near Florence. The main topic of the international meeting, which was attended by students and teachers from other countries (specifically Greece, Iceland, Poland, Sweden, and Italy), was Sexting and Sextortion. During workshops and lectures, students expanded their knowledge on how to avoid the misuse of their personal data or photos on social networks, or how to respond to already received messages with inappropriate and sexual content.

Student´s comments:

Feelings of going to a family we’ve never seen before were mixed. We felt both fear and enthusiasm. Later, we found out that the worries were completely unnecessary. Despite the communication barrier, the families were nice and caring. During the workshops, we discussed the issue and made our own videos on the main topic of the meeting. The programme was enriched by sightseeing in Florence and Siena. Every night after the main programme, the students had a small gathering and went out for pizza or went home with their host families. Many of us have built lifelong bonds and friendships. We overcame the fear of speaking English and improved our communication skills. I can’t wait for Erasmus in Slovakia ;) (Klaudia Pauková)

The whole experience passed very quickly, and it was one of the best weeks I have ever had. The topic of Sexting and sextortion immediately caught my eye. We had workshops and worked in international teams. Throughout the workshops and lectures, I have learnt a lot. It was not only about learning but we also visited many places and monuments. Since the experience was so enriching and I met new people, I did not want to go back home. And when they told us at the airport that the flight had been cancelled, we were probably the happiest people there as it meant that we could enjoy Erasmus a bit longer. Erasmus was amazing. Everybody needs to experience it. It really is a lifelong experience. I also want to thank everyone who was part of it, I appreciate it very much. THANK YOU (Viktória Srbová)

Sexting and sextortion were the main topics of our week, and thanks to various discussions, workshops, and lectures, we learnt a lot. I must also point out that there is always something to improve and get better at. I am excited that the society is starting to talk about these topics and that I will be able to share the knowledge with my peers in Slovakia. The whole week was not only educative but also entertaining. I fell in love with Italian food, and I can also boast that in a week I learnt how to eat like the Italians do. Thanks to everybody who participated in the programme, I appreciate it a lot. I would love to conclude my experience with a piece of advice or recommendation for you: “Italy yes, Erasmus yeeeeeeeeeees.”  <33 (Patrícia Králová)

   We are utterly grateful for an unforgettable week, and we believe that we will soon work with the newly acquired knowledge and create lectures for students of our grammar school.

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