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The visit in Kos was an amazing experience in terms of both educational and cultural aspects. The following comments made by the Polish students participating in the meeting prove it:

“During the Erasmus+ project, which took place in Greece on the Kos island, I had the pleasure of experience the local culture, making great new friends and improving my English. I think my English improved in speech and understanding, I acquired knowledge of RODO/GDPR data protection and processing, and I learned how to program Microbits. I think this is a very good and necessary project because it allows you to learn about other cultures and how other countries function. You can also learn about traditional dishes or dances. In my opinion, one of the best things is making friends that can develop in the future. Integrating allows you to learn about life in other countries from the point of view of our peers.” WOJTEK

„The visit to the Greek island of Kos made a great impression on me. Not only in terms of landscapes and interesting places, but also in terms of people I met there and making new friends. During our stay, we had the opportunity to meet great people from different countries. The workshops conducted by Greek teachers were also very interesting. We had the opportunity to work with programming on a new device – microbit. It was also an opportunity to learn about internet security and how to protect your personal data. Certainly, thanks to our stay in Greece, we have learned a lot of new things related to both the culture and the subject of the project. This project was an opportunity to improve my linguistic skills as I was in fact only speaking English all week long. The family with whom I stayed this week was very helpful, they gave me a lift whenever I wanted, and the general atmosphere at home met my expectations. I got along very well with the student I was with and we always had topics to talk about. I rate the whole trip very positively in every aspect and I am very happy that I had the opportunity to take part in such an amazing adventure.” JULIA T.

“I evaluate the week spent on the island of Kos very positively. During the workshops at the school I gained valuable knowledge in the field of online safety or programming with microbits. The workshops were conducted in an accessible and creative way. During the presentations, for example, the topics were brought to us by means of associations, which made it easier to remember the information. The trips allowed us to get to know the island in terms of tourism. Greece is a beautiful country full of amazing landscapes, atmospheric towns and relaxing beaches. The boat cruise, the visit to an active volcano and the Asklepiejon temple made the biggest impression on me. I also have very fond memories of my Greek family, to whom I am very grateful for their hospitality and sincerity. The time spent talking to foreigners has noticeably improved my communication skills. I feel progress in expressing myself freely and using English. This was not my first exchange in an Erasmus+ project and I recall each one exceptionally fondly. I would gladly repeat it if I had the opportunity to do so. It is an amazing educational experience not only in terms of language but also in terms of culture. I can sincerely recommend participation in Erasmus+ projects to anyone who would like to experience an unforgettable adventure and enrich themselves with new experiences and knowledge.” JULIA A.

“The time I spent in Greece will remain one of my best memories for many years to come. During the trip, I was surprised by many new phrases or ways of speaking that I had never known before. After this trip I will feel more confident using the English language. Spending time with the whole group of people taking part in the program, I learned a lot about different countries, each of us had something specific for our country that we would like to share with others. Trips organized for us showed us the beauty and historical aspects of the island. While exploring the streets of the city of Kos, I experienced the kindness of the people living on this island. I learned a lot about the culture in Kos from the family to whom I owe their hospitality, understanding and kindness. I can’t find words to thank them for everything. The topics we discussed during the workshops at school were interesting and definitely thought-provoking. They didn’t last too long or too short, we had enough breaks between workshops to meet others and exchange insights. The trip to Greece will remain in my heart for many years to come.” MAJA

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