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C6 Description

Trip day in High Tatras

During C6 meeting in Žilina,Slovakia we dealt with matters concerning:
Fast typing, vlog, Fake news, Misleading advertisements and scams, Hate Speech and Online extremism/radicalization

The participants answered questions, such as :
Is fast typing a need for your future? How can you improve your skills by training?
What is the definition of a vlog/vlog meaning? How to create a good vlog?
How can fake news affect our lives? How to find if the news is real or not?
Why and how do some groups use the internet for Hate speech and promoting online extremism/radicalization?
How to shop on the internet wisely (Misleading advertisements and scams)?

Welcoming meeting at the regional Parliament

The Learning teaching and training activities in Slovakia were based in various learning strategies such as Active learning, Project-based learning and Collaborative learning. Semminars and workshops hlead by proffesionals and teachers from Gymnázium and the University of Žilina were focused on Europass CV, Misleading advertisements, Hate speech and online radicalization, positive trolling, virtual reality, fast typing, vlog making and of course cyber security.

Workshop about hoaxes, disinformation and misinformation

Trip day in High Tatras was focused on the usage of digital technologies in real world. We have visited digital gallery of High Tatras and Kvantárium – the gallery of digital art.

Digital gallery of High Tatras

A great coolection of vlogs have been made by the students concerning themes of the meeting and themes related to online world and eSafety.

Vlog about Positive Trolling

Digital Competence and e-Safety by Erasmus+

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