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C5 Description

During C5 meeting in Kos, Greece we delt with matters concerning:
GDPR and personal data
programming (microbits)
eSafety: Phishing and Grooming

The participants answered questions, such as :
What is Grooming and Phishing? When does it happen? How do we deal with it? What can I do to prevent it?
What is GDPR and what are my rights?
What can be done to raise people’s awareness?
How can we collaborate on the internet?
How can I program electronic devices?

The Learning teaching and training activities in Kos were based in various learning strategies such as Active learning, Experiential learning, project-based learning and Collaborative learning.
The lesson plans used different methodologies, can be a game, a workshop, a team activity, a project, combining DC, etc. Some were put in practice during the meeting, others as follow up activities.

Digital Competence and e-Safety by Erasmus+

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