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C4 Description

During C4 we dealt with matters concerning: Kahoot, Prezi, Sexting, Sextortion, Personal Data Protection, Managing access to dangerous content.

The participants answered questions such as: How can we use Kahoot and Prezi as learning tools? What are the most common problems connected with Sexting and Sextortion? What can we do to prevent and solve these problems? What is Personal Data Protection? What are the regulatory implications for schools? How can we manage to access dangerous content? What should be done to raise people’s awareness about harmful content on the internet? Why should each school have ePolicy documents? How can we collaborate to create a Safer Internet Center? The activities were based on approaches and methodologies such as active, project-based, collaborative and peer-to-peer learning. Before the meeting, via a prequestionnaire, we asked students about knowledge and experiences connected with the themes of C4.

During C4 the following activities were implemented: after the welcome ceremony in front of the townhall and a walking tour in the historical center of Pontassieve, the students were involved in an icebreaking activity, using Kahoot, and in the presentations of their schools and regions. On the second day all the students started to work on the themes of sexting and sextortion with the collaboration of two experts, specialized in legal and social aspetcs of the topics. The meeting started with the explaination of the phenomena so spread among teenagers, using videos, powerpoints and documents about GDPR.

After that, mixed international groups were created in order to work on the realization of videos, based on the questions written by the students in the first part of the activity and raise awareness creating a common policy on how to act to prevent problems from happening. The questions represented most of the script of the final products. During the second workshop the silent partner Federico Micali led the meeting inviting the groups of students to present and comment their products, with the objective of opening a talk show, sharing personal experiences.

This is the result!

Activities were also planned to allow the participants to familiarize with the culture of the host country meeting local authorities, guided visits to places of interest, like Florence, San Gimignano, Siena and the wordeful masterpieces of art and architecture.

A successful evening at school was organized with the collaboration of all hosting families: a special dinner offered by the Italian parents and dance and music in the school premises.

Follow up activities were carried out: all the students involved in the mobility in Italy gave their feedback writing articles/reports concerning the project activities. They answered a post questionnaire. The results of the meeting and different types of materials have been posted in the different sections of this website. Another important part has been represented by activities of dissemination, consisiting in: the publication of articles in regional and local newspapers, and on the school and municipality websites; a video interview at the local radiostation Radio Sieve; a presentation of Erasmus+ Dces to some classes; the participation in the Festival of Europe, held in Florence on 9th May 2022, invited by the Coordinator of the Italian National Agency.

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