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Article from Slovak team about C1 in Kos

Erasmus +, teachers’ meeting at Greek island of KOS

   In September 2021 we finally lived to experience it! As part of the project “Digital Competence and eSafety”, on September 21, 2021, the team composed of teachers, Mr. Zadňan and Mrs. Rančáková (SLOVAK TEAM) set out on a journey to the island of KOS. We met there with the teachers of the remaining teams to learn about the issue and at the same time to prepare other meetings with the participation of students.

   The meeting was held in a very friendly atmosphere. In the first days, we introduced our schools and school systems to each other. It was very interesting to listen to how other countries dealt with the current COVID situation and also how they handled online teaching. We were able to successfully manage workshops focused on the building of lesson plans. Also after attending interesting lectures, we discussed current topics such as GDPR, Cyberbullying, grooming, or research processing and data analysis. Of course, in addition to the demanding work activities, the Greek team prepared a program for us, which also included getting to know the local cuisine and cultural monuments. Greece and especially the island of Kos has beautiful nature and culture, so our students, who will also come here for future meetings, have a lot to look forward to.

   As a meeting near Warsaw – Grojec awaits us next with the students, the Polish team managed to present the program of the next meeting.

   We believe that the current COVID situation will not significantly disrupt our plans and we successfully complete all meetings in Poland, Iceland, Italy, Sweden, Greece and Slovakia, so that students understand the Internet world and the risks and pitfalls associated with it.

   We thank the Greek team for the perfect preparation and care of the members and we look forward to an early meeting.


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