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Article about C4 – Italy (by Swedish student)

The visit in Italy has been great and I think I left a piece of my heart when I left.  

I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to travel to Italy and live in an Italian family. It have left me with new experiences, new friends and another sight on my own, Swedish life.  

Lets not forget about all the new memories! Do you want to hear about that time when we danced with the janitor? Or that time we used a photo both? Or that time where Sofie accidently ripped the power outlet out of the wall? Or how the mountains get pink in the sunset? Or that time when…? 

Some things that has affected me more is how much food there is. At home we eat one dish every meal but here in Italy I´ve eaten two dishes every meal (in my host family). I knew before I came to Italy that we eat at different times, but it was easier than I thought to adept to the Italian food times, however, I´m still confused over the sandwiches we´ve eaten one hour before lunch. Fun fact: during my days here in Italy, I´ve eaten sandwiches at 16 different occasions.  

Another thing that surprised me was how kind and generous everyone in Italy is, they will give you directions, share their mobile data, help a random girl with a panic attack and some of them will even pay for your food. However there is no free toilets. You need to pay for EVERY toilet, which kind of surprised me in this generous country.  

On Monday the program started, and we were in Pontassieve the whole day and got to meet everyone. We did things like a tour, saw medieval clothes, and presented our PowerPoints about our country and about the research we had done before going to Pontassieve. We ate dinner all together in San Francesco (pizza of course).  

On Tuesday we had a workshop together with Federico Micali (a lawyer) about sexting and sextortion where we made mockumentaries about victims of sexting in a negative way. In the afternoon we went to Florence on a guided tour around the city.  

Wednesday started of with a busride to San Gimignano where we got a short guided tour around the city before we went separate ways. Our reunion was to eat lunch at the square before the busride continued to Sienna where we got an longer tour around the town. 

On Thursday we met Federico Micali again to look on our mockumentaries and talk about GDPR. After a short break we had a meeting with the cordinator of Erasmus+ in Italy, before we went in to Florence to visit the Uffizi Gallery (the oldest art museum in the world). In the evening we went to school to have dinner together with all the families.  

On Friday we analyzed the results of the survey we did before we went to Italy, got our certificats of Erasmus+ and got to see the Balducci school. In our free afternoon we swedes went to Florence to do some shoping, before we ate Farwell dinner at a pizza restaurant.  

Dear Italy, I will miss you! 

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